Our Team

Dr. Natalie Krasnyansky

After receiving an undergraduate degree from NYU in 1998, Dr. Natalie Krasnyansky was accepted into NYU College of Dentistry and graduated as a board-certified dentist in 2002. While her reasons for pursuing a career in dentistry were numerous and compelling none were more important than her passion for helping people smile again. All her adult life, Dr. Krasnyansky, also known as Dr. K, wanted to work in the health care professions, which in her opinion is among the few occupations of substance where a licensed medical professional can bring true value to others and visibly improve the quality of people’s lives. She has always viewed dentistry as a crossroads of many challenging disciplines, where a practitioner may convert the study of science and art into tangible and practical applications with the use of the latest dental instruments, materials and cutting-edge technology that provide satisfying feedback for a job well done.

As a dentist, Dr. Krasnyansky is often presented with an opportunity to address any dental related issues that a patient may have and improve an already beautiful smile. She always stands ready to perform at the best of her abilities to help those who have chosen to entrust her with the health and esthetic looks of their teeth and their smile. Dr. Krasnyansky believes that her role in the community is a critical one, in which she touches the lives of those in need and is eager to educate the population regarding the means with which they can remain healthy and free from disease.

Being a dentist not only requires an in-depth knowledge of anatomy and physiology, but also an artistic disposition, because a dentist must be able to “sculpt” and produce something both beautiful and functional.  They must reach inside themselves to tap abilities from different parts of their humanity and not just their technical side.  This is a very attractive challenge, and one that Dr. Krasnyansky is eager to take on with every patient.  The doctor welcomes these challenges and the unique complexities of each and every case. 


Continued Education


Front Desk Coordinator

Marina is our receptionist who greets all of our patients, manages scheduling of appointment, and is there to assist in filling out forms, confidential record keeping or addressing any questions you may have while you are in our office.


Dental Hygienist

Marjorie is our Board Certified Hygienist who takes care of your dental hygiene needs.


Dental Assistant  

Constanza is our wonderful dental assistant who will make sure that all of your chair-side needs are addressed promptly to make your time in a dental chair as pleasant as possible.

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