5 Ways To Overcome Dental Anxiety

5 Ways To Overcome Dental Anxiety

If you’re looking for 5 ways to overcome dental anxiety, check out this guide from Essential Dental Of Roslyn.

Why Is Essential Dental Of Roslyn The Best Choice For Patients With Dental Anxiety?

Many people tend to delay scheduling dentist appointments due to dental anxiety. Research has revealed a variety of reasons behind this fear, such as fear of pain, negative past experiences with dentists, general anxiety, fear of needles and drilling, or fear of the potential side effects of anesthesia or its potential failure to work.

For those with dental anxiety, Essential Dental Of Roslyn firmly believes we are your best choice. At Essential Dental Of Roslyn, our purpose is to provide excellent dental, esthetic, and therapeutic services that cannot be found in a standard dental office.

Our goal is to provide a personalized experience tailored to you, so that all of your dental, relaxation, healing, and rejuvenation needs are met. We view our dental practice as an extension of your home, a place of welcome and comfort. Here you can come to relax, heal, and feel rejuvenated, and walk away with a healthy and beautiful smile, feeling contentment and optimism about your life.

What Are 5 Tips I Can Apply To Alleviate My Dental Anxiety?

  • Find comfort in the buddy system and consider bringing a beloved friend or family member to your dentist’s appointment.

  • Pass the time in the waiting room by reading, listening to music, or watching TV or movies on your phone.

  • Be on time to your appointment, but don’t feel pressured to arrive too early. This way, you won’t need to endure a long wait until your scheduled appointment.

  • Choose the right dentist for you and let them know about your dental anxiety. At Essential Dental Of Roslyn, we’re certain that Dr. Krasnyansky and the rest of the team can offer the kind of patience and professionalism that would put you at ease.

  • Communicate with your dentist and let them know if you have any questions or feel any discomfort. At Essential Dental Of Roslyn, we’re committed to educating our patients and making their experience a pleasant one.

What Are Essential Comforts Offered Only At Essential Dental Of Roslyn?

At Essential Dental Of Roslyn, we go the extra mile to ensure that every visit to our office is a comfortable, safe and luxurious experience. To provide you with even more comfort, we offer an Essential Comfort Menu with amenities such as nitrous oxide, aromatherapy, organic lip balm, keratin glove treatment, undereye collagen patches, cool eye mask, neck and back pillows, ear plugs, noise canceling headphones, soft blanket, dark glasses, coffee and organic herbal teas, dental chair massage, choice of music, free Wi-Fi, and even Netflix!

Essential Dental Of Roslyn Is The Right Choice

If you have dental anxiety, you couldn’t ask to be in better hands than with Dr. Krasnyansky. Dr. Krasnyansky, also known as Dr. K., is a passionate dentist who is always prepared to provide the highest quality of care to her patients. She sees her role in the community as an opportunity to improve the health and appearance of her patients’ smiles, as well as to educate the public on how to remain healthy and free from dental diseases. Her desire to help people smile again was the driving force that pushed her to pursue a career in dentistry.

Whether it’s time for your twice-a-year dentist’s check-up, or if you wonder how you could benefit from certain dentistry treatments, call the experts at Essential Dental Of Rolsyn. At Essential Dental Of Roslyn, we are glad to treat patients from Roslyn Heights, East Hills, and the surrounding neighborhoods with general, family, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry as well as specialized beauty treatments. Call us at 516-621-2430 to learn about our services today.

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